溯游 -罗威个展-富邦华一银行当代艺术项目 Natural Flow - Luo Wei Solo Exhibition -Fubon Bank Contemporary Art Project

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With the cool Winter months deep upon us, the time is perfect for seeking out cultured experiences in warm spaces. The exhibition “Natural Flow” featuring works by charismatic Chinese contemporary artist; Luo Wei, hosted by the prestigious Fubon Bank will be on show at number 360, South of Pudong Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai from the 12thof January until the 31stof March 2019. This exhibition - in collaboration with the Je Fine Art Gallery is one significance, guaranteed to delight the imagination and engage one’s curiosity - showcasing the abundant talent of Luo Wei, an artist whose work will provide its audience a new and interesting perspective on everyday life. “Natural Flow” is bound to draw a large number of visitors – collectors and art enthusiasts alike from across Shanghai and the globe. Fubon Bank’s exceptional reputation is well known, its integrity, sincerity, professionalism and innovation are at the forefront of their services, this alliance with Je Fine Art Gallery indeed provides their customers and visitors with a unique and exceptional experience and service in every way.


Luo Wei’s body of work depicts characters and detail of everyday life, often things that go unnoticed in the busyness of human existence. Luo Wei has the ability to transform the ordinary into beings of wonder, making their very presence of great importance, allowing them to take centre stage - ceasing time for a moment - allowing them to shine. Landscapes with homage to traditional Chinese painting are given a new age contemporary feel.  Owls who are nocturnal birds of prey, emblematic of deep connection to the mysteries of the night, full of wisdom and with deep intuitive knowledge are also to be found here, inky in their ghostly presence, they peer from the canvas back at the viewer in a delightful exchange of perspective.


Luo Wei’s mosquito also performs for us, slender with long jointed legs and a segmented body – wings beating frantically – dancing across the canvas, its presence undeniable. Mosquitos are tiny creatures yet have the ability to occupy great space and power - the sound of the mosquito is understood in any language or culture, moving from one person to the next - connecting us all.  Luo Wei has found a novel and unfamiliar platform of importance for the typically unpopular mosquito.  Also, amongst this exhibition the seeker will find expressive responses to the beauty of flowers and herbs, inspired from Luo Wei’s very own garden, these organic and ephemeral blooms are given a life beyond their natural one, living on forever in paint upon surface. “Natural Flow” is an encounter with paint, pushed to its limit, coercing it to become more than just paint and therefore creating a visceral reaction within its audience. Often the viewer will see broad brushstrokes, drips and involuntary splashes of medium - revealing the physical action of the artist and further adding intrigue to the work.


The “Natural Flow” exhibition is full of interest and energy, revealing the unnoticed, giving the audience a new way of witnessing creatures and common place objects, allowing for a changing of perception, understanding and appreciation. Be sure to mark the exhibition dates down in your diary, bring your work colleges, partners, friends and family for a cosy and intimate experience with the work of Luo Wei.  Life is art and in turn art is life – invest some time in appreciating art and it will be an investment well made.



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