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Message from Jane Du 画廊主杜鹃的心声

Life is an adventure; I don't know where I first read about this. I don't know why these thoughts are even in my head but they are and I simply can't live without it.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always known that I would have broad horizons. From the first time I landed in London I knew that traveling was a part of me. I told myself then and there that I would make friends all over the world. I have always been intrigued by the different ways in which people think and act. As a result I am an extremely inquisitive individual who takes pleasure in talking to people from all walks of life and backgrounds and forging new relationships where possible...........

Whilst in the UK during the Easter holidays myself and my new friends had a whole month off from working. All of the western students returned home to see family however our group of foreign students began the planning process to visit the European countries to maximise on the apparent opportunity! Through the utilisation of a simple Facebook page we were able to confirm numbers and use the economy of scale to share accommodation and food etc. It took a whole day booking different elements of the trip and applying for the appropriate visas because as a Chinese citizen it is necessary to apply for the appropriate Schengen visas. After what felt like the longest weekend ever it was time to start the journey! Nothing as small as a visa can stop a determined traveler like me.

We arrived at Venice in the early hours of the morning. Venice was planned as the first stop because it is famously known to be a tourist hot spot with incredible artistic sights to visit. The next stop was to meet my friend and experience Verona, famous for Romeo and Juliette. My friend collected me from the train station in the most glorious sunshine. Being shown round by a local had many advantages and we spent a day on foot exploring every nook and cranny of the beautiful village. Prior to exploring Europe I had the view that all western people are very similar, however once I got the chance to see more and more individuals of differing nationality and beliefs I quickly realised that they are totally different. The languages in some cases sound similar due to originating from Latin however when you travel in depth to many areas you begin to also distinguish between the local accents which are in some cases extremely strong. Everyone is unique, we all come from different countries, families, beliefs and backgrounds making the world a diverse and interesting place. This means we live in a beautiful and interesting place.

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Mission 我们的使命



Je Fine Art Gallery concentrates on the promotion of emerging young Chinese artists and the introduction of outstanding foreign artists, we constantly making effort on kids arts education, in order to popularize fine art into general public.

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沃尔特·维克瑟是纽约Walter Wickiser画廊的创立者、画廊老板和艺术总监。 沃尔特出生于艺术世家。他的父亲拉尔夫·维克瑟(Ralph Wickiser,1910–1998)是20世纪最有影响力的美国艺术家之一。拉尔夫不仅是表现主义、抽象主义的杰出代表,也是美国现代艺术教育的开拓者、资深教授,1962年-1978年间持续担任纽约Pratt大学艺术与设计学院院长。他的画曾在纽约、波士顿、华盛顿等美国各地的美术馆、画廊、高校展出,与杰克逊波洛克一起巡展。拉尔夫参与编撰了美国第一本现代艺术百科。由他撰写的《艺术活动导论》(Introduction to Art Activities,1947年出版)、《艺术教育导论》(Introduction to ArtEducation,1957年出版)在美国600多所大学的艺术学院中被作为教材。1998年,纽约时报刊载了一篇关于拉尔夫的报道,标题为“Ralph Wickiser, 88, Painter and Professor” 。

得益于父亲的言传身教,沃尔特从小耳濡目染,对艺术具有敏锐洞察力。沃尔特可以说是在艺术圈长大。弗朗兹·克兰(Franz Kline)、雅各布·劳伦斯(Jacob Lawrence)、乔治·麦克内尔(George McNeil)、斯蒂芬·佩斯(Stephen Pace)、菲利普·珀尔斯坦( Phillip Pearlstein)、国吉康雄(Yasuo Kuniyoshi)、米尔顿·艾弗里(Milton Avery)这些响当当的大牌艺术家都是沃尔特家的座上宾。

1990年,沃尔特成为纽约Z画廊的艺术总监。两年后,他就在soho自立门户,Walter Wickiser应运而生。很快,沃尔特迎来了一位知名顾客——第一夫人杰奎琳·肯尼迪(Jacqueline Kennedy),她为这个初出茅庐的年轻人带来了名声与成功。“我很幸运。”沃尔特解释他的成功,不忘感谢父亲给予的支持,“当时,父亲最喜欢的一个学生在为一个艺术家做经纪人,这个艺术家是希腊的一位公主,于是她顺理成章和我的画廊合作,并把画廊带入她的朋友圈——她的所有朋友都是超级名人,杰奎琳·肯尼迪是其中之一,罗纳德·里根(Ronald Reagan)也是。”现在沃尔特的顾客名单里有:大导演伍迪·艾伦(Woody Allen)、著名影星麦克·道格拉斯(Michael Douglas)、威尔·史密斯(Will Smith)、名媛帕里斯·希尔顿(Paris Hilton)、邓文迪等。也许是“名人效应”,也许是“天时地利人和”,当然还要归功于沃尔特个人的艺术天赋与勤奋经营,沃尔特画廊独到的亚洲艺术品味很快受到美国官方的认可。自1993年起,美国驻朝鲜、菲律宾、罗马尼亚等国的大使馆竞相收藏、展示沃尔特画廊旗下亚洲艺术家的作品,就连克林顿、布什两位总统也曾邀请沃尔特先生前去白宫。