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花花世界 | This Merry World

2018.4.18 - 5.27

一花一世界。一朵花,虽然是世俗平凡之物,却可以包含宇宙的广度,生命的深度。身处花花世界,眼前纷繁复杂,艺术家们用他们敏锐的眼光透过世俗看见本质。 诗人常用花来比喻人,尤其是脆弱易逝的特质。同样,流行的本质就是短暂即逝的,但最拥抱世俗流行的波普艺术家们,却通过他们的创作行为使流行变为永恒。本期展览集结了三位杰出的先锋艺术家,草间弥生、安迪·沃霍尔、村上隆,带领你走进他们的花花世界。


Every day, they are a multitude of simple and complicated stories happening concurrently in this secular world. However, an artist can capture the essence of what ’s actually meaningful with keen eyes. Poets often use flowers to describe people in figurative writing, especially those with fragile and evanescent lives. Similarly, the essence of popularity is short-lived, but Pop Artists who embrace the popular culture and secular world have made the fashion eternal through their creation and imagination. 

This exhibition showcases three leading Pop artists' work; Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, who will lead you to see this flowery and colorful world.




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