Persistence Beyond Memory | 超越记忆的永恒

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超越记忆的永恒 | Persistence Beyond Memory

萨瓦尔多·达利 | Salvador Dali



To begin the New Year, Je Fine Art Space brings Persistence Beyond Memory, a celebration of the works which secured Dali’s importance in art history. Named after his most iconic work, The Persistence of Memory, this exhibition celebrates Dali as an artist whose contribution to art history will continue well beyond living memory of the man.

A selection of 22 lithographs and etchings display the artists impressive technical ability and diversity of motifs. With excellent technical precision, Dali negotiates an alternate reality in print. Marrying optical games, erotic symbolism, science and religious iconography, Dali’s works embrace the subconscious in weird and wonderful ways. Fabricating dreams in reality, Dali is considered one of the most famous surrealists, despite being a relative latecomer to the movement. He was originally invited to the group by Andre Bresson, but was later shunned by the group for his neutral political attitude during the Spanish civil war. It didn’t stop the eccentric artist emphatically claiming, “you cannot remove me from surrealism, I am surrealism!”


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