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2022  Internships

About Je

“Strolling amongst the old villas and resting in the scent of plane trees”. Je Fine Art Space is located in the French Concession right in the heart of Shanghai. As part of Shanghai Haoxiang culture communication Co. Ltd. Je Fine Art Space opened in 2014 in cooperation with the Walter Wickiser Gallery (NY, since 1992). Embracing the belief that “life is art”we devote ourselves to establishing a platform for cross-cultural discourse and providing professional art advice.

Je aims to bridge the gap between artists and the public and to provide a platform not only for talented artists to express themselves, but also for young art-lovers to get a first-hand experience in the arts industry. We will be working with our partner gallery, Walter Wickiser in New York to provide our Young Professionals with an access card into the kaleidoscopic and exciting world of art and creative industries. We welcome anyone who loves art to join us!


Aims of the Young Professionals Program

To establish and maintain business channels, develop new ideas, set up objectives and explore marketing channels to publicize the Art Space.

Partcipate in Je’s regular exhibitions, other art events and crossover projects.

Provide young students and graduates an avenue into the industry in a dynamic workplace which will allow them to realise their ideas.

You will have the opportunity to be recommended for an internship in Walter Wickiser Gallery (Je Art Spaces partner gallery) in New York and ECU’s Spectrum Project Space (Je Art Spaces partner Project Space) in Australia if you do an excellent job in Je.


Intakes, Duration and Hours

2022  (minimum 2 months, 3 days/week, 7 hours/day)



Fannie Gong (E-mail:



  • Support the daily operation of the Art Space by greeting clients and carrying out brief art tours
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of our current exhibition/ artists. You may also be required to have basic knowledge of our crossover projects at the time.
  • Design posters \ artist's PDF profiles \ Events' PDF etc.
  • Publicity work on social media and external websites
  • (WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, Sina, etc)
  • This includes writing articles & developing promotional material for the gallery
  • Following the gallery’s style guide re: Wechat, Instagram & Facebook posts.
  • Working well with the Je team by helping to facilitate or coordinate Je events which may include: opening events, art crossover projects, kids´ events and other special events.
  • Under direction, deliver and manage programs and events as required
  • Explore new crossover porjects for Je

Please note, not every exhibition draws a large crowd which means you will be required to manage your own time effectively. You may not always have a list of tasks for the day, though often you will. If you have completed your required tasks for the day then use your time to explore other potential cross-over opportunities or other social media opportunities.  

No idea is a bad idea at Je and we wholly embrace innovation - it is part of what has secured Je’s success thus far. This is an opportunity for you to shine!


Eligibility Requirements 

  • Current university students or recent graduates (within one year of graduation)
  • Background in fine arts, art history, design, literature, marketing and media preferred
  • Experience in fashion industry, business development and customer services a plus
  • Ability to work independently and to high standards, hard-working and down-to-earth
  • Strong communication and problem-solving skills
  • CET 6 or above, proficient in both written and spoken English, overseas background a plus
  • Good computer skills, familiar with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project)
  • Familiarity with design programs (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw,Adobe Indesign etc) a plus
  • Team-player who enjoys working in a multi-cultural environment

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